Strategy Guide

Looking for the secret tactic that'll get you an edge over all the other girls at school? You've come to the right place. There's no single sure-fire formula that will help you end up at the top of the heap every time, but here are some tips that might come in handy...

Dealing with Sneaky Cowards

Some girls like to COWER a lot -- they try to win by staying on the sidelines while everyone else fights. They can be hard to beat because they keep dodging while you try to GRAB or SCRATCH them. You might have to team up with someone else to knock out these clever brats, because they can only avoid one GRAB or SCRATCH per turn, and they can't avoid TEASES at all. Another way to deal with a COWERING coward is just to ignore her -- if nobody tries to GRAB or SCRATCH her, and nobody TATTLES, she won't be able to COWER without losing self-esteem!

Beating the Bullies

If one or two girls are ganging up or using sneaky tactics to defeat you and your friends, don't taking it lying down and crying. Fight back! Go after them with a bigger group, or even just one other friend. Or tell everyone what meanies they are, so that the other girls will know to avoid them and not to trust them. Temporary alliances work well for one or two games, but to win in the long run, you gotta make friends who will watch your back.

Work Together

The most important thing to remember is that SF2K: Class Dismissed is a social game. That means you can't do much by yourself. To get things accomplished, you'll have to coordinate your actions with other girls by chatting with them.

The Endgame

Depending on the way things play out on the last round, a game of SF2K: Class Dismissed can end with two winners, with one winner, or with no winners at all. As soon as a turn ends with two or less players left in the game, the game is over.

Cower Power

The COWER action is a good all-purpose defensive move. It will let you evade one grab or scratch during a turn. A cower will even let you escape from a tattle! But there's no escaping from a tease -- cowering will only make them laugh harder! If you COWER too much for no reason, you'll lose self-esteem, so if everyone around you starts COWERING, it might be time to try a different strategy.

Grab for Glory

So what's up with that GRAB action? A grab will interrupt the girl that you grabbed, so that she can't do anything that turn. This makes grab a deceptively powerful defense. For example, a grab can stop a two-girl tease dead in its tracks. But don't be too sure it'll help -- when everyone starts grabbing each other, the results are unpredictable!

You Grab, I'll Scratch

A measly little SCRATCH only lowers the victim's self-esteem by one point. But if that same girl has also been grabbed, all of the scratches she suffers are twice as effective! And don't forget that the grab will keep the little brat from doing anything else that turn.

Neener Neener

The TEASE action is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. You can't cower away from it and the victim of a tease has her self-esteem lowered by two points for every girl that teases her. The only hitch is that you can't tease anyone by yourself -- so make sure and round up some support before you try it.

The Almighty Tattle

When you TATTLE, everyone else gets in trouble and loses three self-esteem points. What keeps tattle from being the perfect weapon? First of all, if two or more girls tattle on the same turn, the tattle backfires and the tattlers all lose three self-esteem points. And you've only got two tattles per game, so use them wisely. Also, a cower or lick lolly action can be used to escape from a tattle. But most importantly, nobody likes a tattler. Be prepared for some abuse if you rat on everyone else.

Feel Better

There's nothing like a LICK LOLLY to raise your spirits (and your self-esteem by two points). Just make sure that you don't get scratched when you try and lick -- you'll lose two self-esteem points as you choke on your lolly. And you won't look so innocent if someone decides to tattle -- after all, even if you were getting picked on, it still looks like you were in a fight! Don't you hate that?


If you know what someone is going to do to you, there is usually a good defense. Like, if you think someone's going to tattle, play nice by licking your lolly or cowering in a corner, and none of the blame will land on your shoulders.

Social Skills

You've gotta speak up if you want to get people to go along with your plan. But don't come across as too much of a rabble-rouser, or your "friends" might decide you're a bully, and make you the next target on their list.

Keeping Quiet

The quiet girls often go unnoticed... which can make them very dangerous by the end of the game!

Count Your Stuff

You only get three lolly licks and two tattles per game. Keep a close eye on how many you've got left and don't run out too early. A last-ditch tattle can sometimes win you the game.

Count Everyone Else's Stuff

Keep track of other players' tattles and lolly licks. If you see a little girl tattle twice, you know she can't do it again, so you can rest easy. But she's still a tattler! You should probably scratch her eyes out.

Picking a Name

Don't pick a name that inspires loathing in the other players. If you think names don't matter, as an experiment try making a girl with the name "Jar Jar Binks" and see how quickly you get snuffed out.