The Honor Code

The schoolyard can be a wild and unruly place, but even battle-hardened girls need a sense of honor and fairness -- all those triumphs and humiliations don't mean nearly as much otherwise. That's why we created the Class Dismissed Honor Code. Listed below are the rules that all girls are expected to play, fight, and live by while using this site.


Offensive comments and personal attacks
Catty insults and trash-talking are allowed in SF2K: Class Dismissed. You may not, however, engage in the following unacceptable behavior:
  • hate speech of any kind, including language demeaning anyone's race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or size
  • threats of real life violence
  • harassment, including hacking or malicious activity targeting another player
  • personal attacks concerning someone's real life identity
  • comments that reveal private information about another player against their wishes
  • any kind of libelous or slanderous comments about another player (the person, as opposed to their SF2K: Class Dismissed persona or their actions in-game)
Outside Communication
When you're playing a game of SF2K: Class Dismissed, you should only communicate with the other players using the in-game chat bubbles. Any other method of communication is cheating, including instant messaging, texting, telephone, smoke signals, and even talking with someone in the same room. If you cheat, you may be hunted down and ruthlessly humiliated by vigilante anti-cheater organizations. Talking in secret code or foreign languages within the game is not considered cheating, and neither is strategizing with a friend before a game starts.
Unsolicited Advertising
You may not use SF2K: Class Dismissed to transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of solicitation.
Sexual Misconduct
No explicit sexual talk is allowed in the game. Adult players of SF2K: Class Dismissed may not make sexual advances of any kind towards minors. Such advances may be illegal and anyone suggesting such activity will be banned. As operators of this website we take our legal obligations seriously and will forward information about any illegal sexual advances to the appropriate authorities.


You may not play SF2K: Class Dismissed in more than one window at the same time. This includes playing two different SiSSYFiGHTers at the same time, playing the same SiSSYFiGHTer in more than one school, or using custom software to automate gameplay.
Fair Play
Games that involve no real competition are not in the spirit of fair play and are not compatible with the Honor Code.
Fair Play
Games that involve no real competition are not in the spirit of fair play and are not compatible with the Honor Code.
Disruption of Play
You may not disrupt other players' discussion, chatting, or gameplay. For instance, flooding the homeroom chat window and making it impossible for others to talk is not allowed.


You may not impersonate a SF2K: Class Dismissed administrator. Also, you may not create temporary or registered SiSSYFiGHTers with the sole purpose of impersonating another player, or access another player's account in any way without their permission. You're also responsible for the confidentiality of your own password, and we recommend that you do not share it!
E-mail address
You must use a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you in case of a problem with your SiSSYFiGHTer. SF2K: Class Dismissed accounts without valid e-mail addresses may be modified without notification, because we won't have any way to get in touch with you.
We will keep your e-mail address private. SF2K: Class Dismissed records the IP address of the computer you use to connect to the SF2K: Class Dismissed server, but we will keep your IP address private. However, we reserve the right to make our server records public, without revealing specific IP addresses. This means that people playing or posting under more than one different name can and will be identified in problem situations. See the Privacy Policy below for more information.


Age restrictions
For legal reasons, if you are under the age of 13, you may not play SF2K: Class Dismissed. Sorry, kids.
Unauthorized access
You may not access the SF2K: Class Dismissed web servers, game servers or other servers involved in hosting and allowing access to the game in any way that could damage or disrupt their operation.
Illegal activities
You may not use SF2K: Class Dismissed to promote or conduct any kind of illegal activities, including the transmission of harmful software, malware, viruses, trojan horses, etc.
Other Disruptive Behavior
You may not engage in behavior or activities designed to disrupt the SF2K: Class Dismissed community or the operation of the SF2K: Class Dismissed website or game servers, harass a player or administrator, or invade any person's privacy.

Penalties and Changes

If you break any of these rules, you may incur one or more of the following penalties at the discretion of the SF2K: Class Dismissed adminstrators: loss of brownie and queen points, temporary suspension of SF2K: Class Dismissed account, permanent deletion of SF2K: Class Dismissed account, permanent ban from playing SF2K: Class Dismissed.
The Honor Code may be updated in the future. If it is, an announcement will be posted on the SF2K: Class Dismissed homepage. It's your responsibility to keep up to date on the Honor Code and know all the rules.