Frequently Asked Questions

If you're wondering about something related to SF2K: Class Dismissed, just click one of the buttons below to read one of the FAQ sections. Or you can just read through the whole thing and become a Class Dismissed braniac who can impress other girls with her astounding knowledge of the Class Dismissed universe.


Help, I'm new here and everyone keeps beating me up even though I didn't do anything. What can I do?
New girl, eh? Just like on real playgrounds, girls like to pick on the new kids, so you'll have to watch your back for a while. Cowering is a good defensive move to make if you're not sure what to do. Be sure you understand how the game works, and read some of the strategy tips too. Then make some friends who will look out for you -- that's the only way to survive in the long run.
Hey, one girl vanished in the middle of the game, just as everyone was about to tease her. How come people can run away like that? It doesn't seem fair.
Well, if you were in her shoes, you might want to run away too. But she won't get any brownie points for playing that game, unlike everyone else who stuck around until the end. Plus, I bet everyone thinks she's a scaredy cat.
I grabbed a girl, and then she grabbed someone else. Shouldn't my grab keep her from grabbing?
When everyone starts grabbing each other, things get a little wild and wooly. What happened was that you grabbed her after she grabbed someone else, so you weren't able to stop her from grabbing. In other words, when there are a bunch of girls grabbing each other, not every grab will succeed.
Everybody keeps cowering all the time. The games just go on and on and nobody's doing anything.
Sometimes you just have to take a leap and mix it up yourself, to get some action going. Who knows, the other girls may even respect you for it. Or they might just decide that you're a good target to pile on. No guts, no glory!
I licked my lolly, but someone scratched me and I lost two points. Then someone tattled, and even though I was licking my lolly I lost three more points. I lost five points that round and I was trying to get two back!
Don't you hate it when that happens? When someone tattles, everyone who was rough-housing gets punished -- even if you were just the victim. The harsh justice of the playground doesn't distinguish between the girl who's grabbing or scratching and the girl getting grabbed or scratched; it just looks like you were in a fight, so you're busted. Them's the breaks! All the more reason to get revenge on that nasty tattle-tale, and the girl who scratched you. Don't forget, lolly licking is a risky maneuver. You can't get your self-esteem back without exposing yourself to a little danger.
I had three self-esteem points left and I decided to lick my lollipop. Then three girls teased me and I lost four self-esteem points, which humiliated me right out of the game. But if I licked my lolly, should I have one self-esteem point left? 3-4+2=1, right?
Your math is impeccable. Sadly for you, however, teasing happens before lolly-licking, so you were humiliated and broke down sobbing before you had a chance to lick that lollipop. And everyone knows that salty, tear-soaked lollipops don't make you feel better at all.
I was about to win -- but then my game crashed and I lost my connection to SF2K: Class Dismissed, so I didn't even get any points for that game! How can I get my brownie points back?
Ouch, bad luck. Sorry, there's no way to get brownie points for a game that you crashed out of. Better luck next time, and remember, brownie points aren't everything.


If I register, are you going to sell my e-mail address to someone so that I get fifty pieces of spam every day, advertising spy gadgets and telling me how I can get rich quick?
Definitely not. The e-mail address you give when you register for SF2K: Class Dismissed is only used to send you notices about SF2K: Class Dismissed, including a password reset link, if you forget it. We will also send out a mass e-mail if there's a major new addition to the game, or something else that you need to know about, like if your girl is about to be deleted because you haven't attended the playgrounds in a long time.
I got an e-mail saying that I forgot my password, and telling me what it is, but I never asked for a reminder. What's going on?
Someone probably got confused and tried to log in with your girl's name, and then asked for a password reminder when they couldn't log in. The password reminder got sent to you. You can just ignore it.

Behind the Game

Is this really a game where you play a girl whose goal is to bully and humiliate other girls? That seems a little wrong somehow.
SF2K Class Dismissed was always intended as a game for adults to reflect back on adolescent struggles with dark humor, morbid nostalgia, and maybe a touch of vengeful revisionism. It was also intended to depict a very different kind of violence and conflict than most digital games of the late 90s were dealing with, with its own twisted take on gender expression and notions of gendered play. We think of it as a game where another version of the main goal is to survive a hostile social environment which encourages tearing each other apart -- the kind that innumerable girls experience growing up -- with a shred of your own self-esteem intact and with a friend by your side. Skilled SiSSYFiGHT (the earlier version of the game from the 2000s) players discovered early on that the key to doing this was trust and support between players -- most importantly, knowing who you should trust and support. Some of the best players even developed strategies (including social ones!) that could win without ever teasing or scratching another player. One of the most important lessons we took away from SiSSYFiGHT's original run was that the top players, at the heart of the community, were the ones who were forming strong friendships and cooperative strategies with other players!
Why is there no way for me to play as a boy?
SF2K: Class Dismissed is a entire universe inhabited only by angry schoolgirls -- or at least, little kids wearing mandatory plaid-skirted uniforms. (There's always been a range of gender expressions among SiSSYFiGHTers.) The creators of SiSSYFiGHT wanted to create a very different kind of gendered space than what we saw in blockbuster games of the 90s. Digital gaming has always had many worlds where players have to assume a male persona, from nearly every game in the main line of Super Mario Bros titles to the arenas of Team Fortress 2. SF2K: Class Dismissed is meant to be a gleefully weird alternative where everyone has to put on a skirt. Yes, that means you too. Wear a mohawk and a scowling face, and pick a boy's name if you want -- the SF2K: Class Dismissed community's always had a bunch of players who use male pronouns -- but we have no intention of establishing the usual gender binary here. Is it really so bad to play as a girl? No, it's not.
Is the game free to play? Are there going to be hidden charges for virtual currency after I start playing?
SF2K: Class Dismissed is free to download, register and play. There is a light sprinkling of ads here and there that help support the costs of running a school. You also have the option to purchase a "Season Pass" to earn accessories for your girl as well as purchase accessories in our uniform shop. None of the accessories give you any advantage, and you also can't purchase extra lollies or tattles!
Will the game be available on my device?
Initially we will be releasing SF2K: Class Dismissed on iPhones and Android phones via the App Store. We will then be releasing it on Windows via the Steam store. It may come to other platforms and devices in the future, depending on the level of interest and suitability.


SiSSYFiGHT.COM is the hub for the original creators of the game, and where the Kickstart'd game lives. Class Dismissed is based off the hard work of the original SiSSYFiGHT team but we are not related in any way to the operation of SiSSYFiGHT.COM.
What's the difference?
SF2K Class Dismissed is the next evolution of SiSSYFiGHT. It has been created from the ground up to be compatible with the latest mobile phones and server technology so that you can release the urge to scratch someone's eyes out no matter where you are! The game will also be regularly updated with new features, events and rewards.
Where is my SiSSYFiGHT.COM account? Where are my items from the Kickstarter?
The two games aren't connected other than in concept, so your account on SF2K and SF2KCD are completely independant from one another. We are unable to reserve or transfer your account from one service to the other. Items earned in this game won't appear in your SiSSYFiGHT.COM account. We are investigating a secure way to transfer your Kickstarter items from SiSSYFiGHT.COM to your account at Class Dismissed but this isn't guaranteed and may only be available for a short period of time.

We think our students are waaaaay more cooler than the girls who go to SiSSYFiGHT.COM anyway ;)
I have an issue with the SiSSYFiGHT.COM game or with my SiSSYFiGHT.COM account!
Unfortunately we aren't able to provide assistance with the SiSSYFiGHT.COM service. We are more than happy to help you if your issue concerns the SiSSFiGHT 2K: Class Dismissed service, please contact us through our Discord server or shoot through an email to
Where can I find out more about the history of SiSSYFiGHT?
SiSSYFiGHT does indeed have a rich and interesting history, as you would expect for a game that has been around for more than twenty years! The Kickstarter page is a good place to start!