SF2K: Class Dismissed Credits

The SF2K: Class Dismissed Team

The Kickstarter's goal for open-sourcing the original game was "to see SiSSYFiGHT survive and thrive on the Internet". A lot has changed in the gaming landscape since SiSSYFiGHT's arrival took the Internet by storm in 2000 and we aim to bring SiSSYFiGHT into the modern age. We saw the opportunity to take the HTML5 code and port it to a game engine that could easily run on modern mobile devices. We also wanted to optimise the user interface for mobile use and introduce the game to a new generation, whilst keeping the original spirit of the game alive.

We're a team of two based in Australia. SF2K: Class Dismissed uses portions of the source code found at https://github.com/moonmilk/sissyfight and those portions are licensed under the MIT License. All other code created for SF2K: Class Dismissed, including but not limited to the C# port, are not licensed under the MIT License. All art that appears in the above GitHub repository is licensed under the CC-BY License and therefore any art that appears in both SF2K: Class Dismissed and the aforementioned GitHub repository is also licensed under that license. All other art that is exclusive to SF2K: Class Dismissed is not licensed in the same way.

  • Invergence Interactive

    Website, Unity C# Port and Additional Art

The Original Team

Sissyfight 2000 was created as a collaboration between the staff of the online magazine Word and game designer Eric Zimmerman. We came up with the concept as a group, and there were a lot of influences: Japanese anime, Hello Kitty, 80s video games, the card game "Lunch Money," previous games designed by Eric, and the books of Edward Gorey. One of our biggest influences was the work of Henry Darger, an "outsider" artist who painted armies of cute little girls, the kind you see on old Campbell's Soup cans, fighting against demons on a surreal alien planet. We were also very inspired by the example of many other online communities, like the New York BBS Echo, various MUDs and MOOs, and Habitat, the very first graphical online community. In development for a year, SiSSYFiGHT launched in 1999 to critical praise. The first multiplayer browser-based game to feature real-time chat, SiSSYFiGHT was technologically innovative for its day. With its stylish pixel-primitive art, gender-bending player characters, and psychologically social gameplay, SiSSYFiGHT anticipated "indie games" and "social games" that were to come nearly a decade later.

  • Marisa Bowe

    Executive Producer

  • The Staff of Word & Eric Zimmerman


  • Eric Zimmerman

    Game Design and Project Management

  • Ranjit Bhatnagar

    Lead Programmer

  • Yoshi Sodeoka

    Art Direction

  • Jason Mohr

    Art & Interface Design

  • Naomi Clark

    Producer & Assistant Game Designer

  • Wade Tinney

    Additional Programming

  • Naomi Clark & Daron Murphy


  • Lem Jay Ignacio

    Sound and Music

  • Lucas Gonze

    Communications Engine

  • Be nice to your project managers

    Michelle Golden

    Additional Project Management

The SiSSYFiGHT Returns Kickstarter Team

When Word closed in 2000, Eric Zimmerman's company Gamelab took over hosting and running the game for several years. However, Gamelab was forced to shut down SiSSYFiGHT shortly before the company closed in 2009. With the closing of Gamelab, it became possible to release SiSSYFiGHT as an open source project with a public domain license. And so in 2013, three of the original SiSSYFiGHT creators - Ranjit Bhatnagar, Naomi Clark, and Eric Zimmerman - decided to bring the game back. A Kickstarter campaign raised enough money to re-code the game in HTML5 for today's browsers. After several months of work (a few more than anticipated), SiSSYFiGHT came back live on the web. The new game is functionally identical to the original, and we have added many new ways to customize your avatar. The gameplay is the same as the first SiSSYFiGHT, with the addition of custom rooms.

  • Ranjit Bhatnagar, Naomi Clark, Eric Zimmerman

    Core Team

  • Cindi Geeze & Terry Wiley

    Visual Design

  • Aaron Freeman, Shoshana Kessock, Toni Pizza


  • Jason Mohr (t-shirt) & Yoshi Sodeoka (sticker)

    Kickstarter Reward Design

  • Brandon Boyer & Bennett Foddy

    Special Thanks